Create your office hide away

The Perfect Hidden Home Office

Working from home has many advantages – it's convenient, flexible and the commute is no trouble at all. But the downside is that it's all too easy for your business to take over your home. Paperwork and office equipment can easily spread, making your house look cluttered and leaving you open to the possibility of vital documents becoming lost. In an ideal world you might convert a spare room, garage or summer house into a home office, but sometimes that just isn't feasible. However, a hidden office can be used when you need it and disguised when you don't, allowing you to simply shut away your workspace when it's not in use.

Define Your Space

Whether you use the cupboard under the stairs, a corner of your bedroom or even part of your living room, you will need a base for your office. This could simply be a foldaway table that can be stored against a wall when not in use. A creative alternative is a modified sideboard that opens up to allow you to sit at it like a desk. Choosing one in the same style as the rest of your furniture will allow it to be seamlessly incorporated into the home.

Easy Equipment

Most home workers rely on the internet but unlike the old days when this meant plugging into a phone line, wireless technology allows you to work from all over the house. Rather than a bulky desktop computer, choose a slim-line laptop which can be easily hidden away in a drawer. You will need wiring accessories such as multi-way socket boards to charge your laptop or power your printer, but these can be stowed away when not in use.

Decorate and Disguise

To truly hide your office, add decorative touches that help it blend with your existing décor. Store paperwork in colourful patterned boxes to make an attractive feature. Add pictures, bright curtains or even cushions – any accessories that will make the space seem less like an office. You will need effective lighting so choose lamps that are both stylish and functional. Make the most of any unused areas, such as the gap between your desk and the wall, by using them as additional storage for stationary supplies. Keep all power cords tidy with wiring accessories such as cable ties to minimise clutter and make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Allocating even just a small portion of your house to a hidden home office can allow you to function effectively in your professional life without allowing your business to encroach on your home life.


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