Give Your Bedroom a Hotel Style Makeover

Give Your Bedroom a Hotel Makeover

Hotel-style bedrooms have become increasingly popular as we look for fresh ideas for interiors and new ways to add a touch of luxury to our homes. The focus of this style of décor is to make your room as tranquil, uncluttered and opulent as possible, giving the feel of a high-end hotel room and hopefully ensuring you a great night's sleep.

The Main Attraction
A hotel-style room is all about the bed. Whether your taste is for something sumptuous and traditional or chic and contemporary, the bed should be the focal point of the room. Choose a wooden sleigh bed for a comfortable and timeless look, or go modern and minimalist with a metal frame. A headboard is an absolute must, from elaborately ornate cast iron to a richly upholstered button-back. If you have the room you might even consider a four-poster, draped with fabulous fabric.

Other Furniture
One of the key characteristics of this type of room is that is should remain uncluttered. Fitted wardrobes are ideal for keeping clothes out of the way, whilst a chest of drawers or dressing table is also useful. Ensure that you have ample storage as there should be no random bits and pieces left on any of the surfaces. Bedside tables are handy for all your odds and ends but choose ones with a drawer or door so any mess can be concealed. When it comes to colour schemes, you can be as bold as you like. Dark reds and blues give the room an eye-catching look, whilst monochrome has a chic and modern feel. Black and silver look particularly dramatic used together. Alternatively, you might decide to create a tranquil, restful ambience by using lots of white, with perhaps just one accent colour for interest.

Finishing Touches
This is where you can add all the little touches that will really make the space feel special. Walking into the room should feel like a treat every time, so indulge yourself with some fabulous accessories. A dramatic ceiling light will look fantastic, especially teamed with matching wall lights on either side of the bed. Fit sleek designer sockets to add a sophisticated touch – choose from metallic, clear or even colourful glass. Hang the walls with plenty of mirrors and some stunning prints. Finally, dress the bed with a pile of soft pillows and an array of unusual and interesting cushions.

From a sumptuously over-the-top bed to stylish designer sockets, add luxurious elements to your bedroom to give it that extra-special hotel feel.


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