Maximising Space in your hallway

Maximising space: Making the most of your hallway

Halls and landings are often relegated to the bottom of the to-do list when it comes to DIY projects. So much time is spent on the 'rooms' of our houses that we can easily forget that these spaces can be useful too. Follow these simple ideas to make the most of these potentially awkward spaces.

Bright and beautiful

The hallway can often be a bit dark, especially as there may be no natural light. One option is to remove any solid staircase sides and replace them with spindles. These will allow more light to pass through the hall. You could even choose toughened sheet glass panelling for an ultra-modern look. However, if this is too much work then an easier solution is to make sure you have great lighting. Instead of a traditional pendant or uplighter, how about a track of LED spotlights? These can be angled in all directions, allowing you to illuminate those awkward dark corners of your hall and landing. Or for a bold look, why not use a more unusual light such as a chandelier? Not only do these make a fabulous focal point for your hall or landing but really make them feel like proper rooms. If you have a long landing or hallway, you might need more than one light fitting in the ceiling. Just install Crabtree grid switches at either end so you can turn them on and off independently. Crabtree grid switches can also be useful at night as they allow you to turn off the downstairs hall light from the landing once you have walked upstairs.

Gorgeous accessories

Although hallways are largely functional, there is plenty of opportunity for eye-catching decorative touches. A sideboard is not only useful for collecting post and keys, but can be decorated with plants or ornaments. Dress the walls with all your treasured family pictures and you and your visitors will be able to admire them every time you walk past. The long drop of wall down a staircase is a perfect place to display any wall hangings or large artwork that you may have. Shelves of books bring instant colour to the space. If you have room, then what about adding some seating? A small sofa or even a window seat provides a lovely little space for someone to snuggle into. You could even add a comfortable armchair by the phone for those long calls to friends and family.

Good lighting, furniture and accessories can really make this space come to life, giving you extra space that is beautiful and useful.


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