Keep Your Home Safe with Lighting

Clever Lighting to Keep Your Home Safe

When the lights are out, it's easy to feel vulnerable. But there are a number of different options you can choose to make you home safe and secure.

Timer Switches

Returning to a dark house after a long day out at work can be a bit daunting. An unlit home also sends a signal to potential burglars that your house is empty. Timer switches for your lights are an easy option, allowing you to arrange for various lights to come on at a particular time. Simply program the dial, then plug in the lamp and timer. In addition to being easy to use, timer switches are inexpensive, so you can use them in several different rooms at once. This will enhance the impression of a person moving about inside the house. Use timers when you are out in the evening or away on holiday to deter intruders.

Photocell Lighting

This type of lighting is especially useful for illuminating a porch or pathway. Photocell lights, sometimes known as dusk-to-dawn lights, come on when the daylight fades. They have a programmable sensor so that they operate once a sufficient level of darkness, or lux level, has been reached. This constant light can be very handy to you as a homeowner to light any hazardous dark areas around the exterior of your home, as well as warding off burglars.

Motion-Sensor Lights

These are the ideal option if you want lights to come on as you approach your home, making it easier to navigate your way to the door. They can also help protect your home against unwanted visitors. As the name suggests, these lights come on when movement is detected by a special sensor on the light. The key to using these successfully is to make sure they are positioned correctly – you may need a few trial runs to get this right. If they are too low then they could be disabled by a burglars, so make sure that you put them well out of reach – ideally so high that a ladder is required. Choose one with two bulbs so that if one blows you will still be protected. And don't forget that as motion-detecting lights are located outside, you will need to ensure you use weatherproof sockets and boxes to avoid potential weather damage.

Installing extra lights is a great way to safeguard you home against potential intruders. Whether you are using indoor or outdoor lighting, make sure you use weatherproof sockets where appropriate and vary the programs on your timers to create a more realistic effect.

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by Gary Hunter

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