Keep Your Cables Tidy & Your Family Safe

Tidy Up Your Cabling for a Safer Home

These days, with so many gadgets and appliances in our homes, we are overrun with numerous cables and remotes. Whenever we buy a piece of equipment, such as a new games console, it's tempting to just plug and play. However, over time this results in your cables becoming tangled, damaged, impossible to separate and potentially even dangerous. Spending a little time streamlining your wiring can save you time and effort later on.

Safety First
Loose wires trailing across your floor can be a dangerous trip hazard, whilst tangled piles of assorted cables can become damaged. To avoid this, tackle each problem area individually and methodically. For example, many people have a television, DVD player, games console and satellite TV equipment all situated in one place. Carefully unplug all the devices and spread them out on the floor, making sure you know which cable belongs to which item. Use sticky labels to help you identify them if necessary. You may even find miscellaneous cables from now-defunct appliances that can be removed. Clean or dust all the cables, checking for any loose or damaged wires and carry out any repairs or replacements. You can then begin to put everything away neatly.

Smart and Secure
Gradually plug everything back in, allowing yourself just as much cable as necessary and folding any excess into a neat bundle. Cables travelling in the same direction can grouped together if you wish. Secure these bundles with wiring accessories such as cable ties. Plastic ones are a quick and convenient option, whereas Velcro is ideal if you are likely to need to move the cables on a regular basis. A really useful idea is to colour-code your wires according to appliance. That way, if you need to unplug one or replace a part, you will be able to quickly identity the relevant cabling. You might wish to use accessories that match your cables for a subtle, unobtrusive effect. Alternatively, choose bright colours and make a feature of them!

For longer cables, such as TV aerials entering the house from outside, you may need a different solution. Sometimes these can be hidden underneath a carpet, although this can lead to damage and makes access difficult. Instead, run them along the edge of the floor or skirting board, using cable clips to keep them tight to the wall and prevent them from becoming caught in people's feet.

Using wiring accessories such as cable ties and clips is a great way to ensure your electrical appliances are not only safe, but look neat and tidy too.

By Gary Hunter

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