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Add Flair to Your Home with Gorgeous Tiles

Using interesting tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or downstairs cloakroom is both practical and appealingly decorative. With the different types, you can create a variety of individual looks.

Which Type Is Best for You?
Ceramic tiles are among the most popular as they are available in such a huge range of colours and sizes. From plain white tiles in a contemporary bathroom to elaborately moulded floral ones in a country kitchen, they are a truly versatile option. Choose a single colour for a modern finish or intersperse with a contrasting colour or pattern for a more decorative look. Stone tiles are the perfect accompaniment to virtually any colour. Use polished marble or travertine for a sophisticated finish in the bathroom or matt limestone to add a wonderfully outdoor feel to your interior.

For a more unusual look, choose glass tiles. You only need a few to make a bold style statement, so they are perfect for small areas and have an elegant, modern feel. Or use mosaic tiles to give a luxurious, sumptuous feel. They are supplied on a mesh for ease of hanging and add instant glamour to any room.

Practical Tips
Buy more tiles than you need as there can be a surprisingly amount of wastage - most shops will buy back unopened boxes. You run the risk of slight differences in colour if your tiles are from different manufacturing batches. Choose good-quality adhesive and cover a maximum of one square metre at a time. Use spacers to ensure an even gap between the tiles. Grout is now available in a range of shades, so choose one that complements your colour scheme - it doesn't have to be plain white.

Remember to switch off the power before attempting to fit tiles around sockets and back boxes. For a sleek effect, carefully dig out a channel in the wall so you can use recessed back boxes rather than surface-mounted ones. Check your work with a spirit level as you go to ensure that your tiles remain level and use tile edging for a smooth finish. If you are new to tiling, start with a small area and a simple design, such as a splashback for a sink. You can progress to complex jobs which involve cutting more intricate shapes. And finally, don't forget to seal edges near water to prevent moisture seeping behind the tiles.

With a little practice, you'll soon find it easy to hang tiles in your home. Make the most of the vast array available and create a truly individual interior.

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