Creative Lighting Solutions to Transform Your Home

Installing interesting lighting in a room can dramatically alter the whole feel of the space. Lots of small lamps will give a cosy, bohemian feel, whilst installing rails of halogen spotlights creates a more contemporary effect. Use creative lighting to produce an array of exciting effects in your home.

The Main Attraction
Most rooms will have at least one ceiling light providing the majority of the interior's illumination. In the past, this would probably have been a central pendant with a fabric or paper shade, but these days there is a wealth of exciting styles to choose from. A lamp mounted flush to the ceiling with several bulbs, usually three or five, will give you the opportunity to shine light into a variety of different directions, minimising dark, shadowy areas. For a luxurious touch, what about an opulent chandelier? Adorned with beads, crystals or even fabric, these make a sumptuous style statement that is truly desirable.

Kitchen lighting can be among the hardest to get right. Thankfully, old-fashioned strip lights are largely a thing of the past and a series of spotlights suspended from a track provides a much more attractive centrepiece. Not only can these be angled to light specific areas such as the cooker or fridge, but they have a minimalist, contemporary feel that works well in such a functional space.

Enchanting Extras
Adding supplementary lighting to a room is a fabulous way to potentially create a variety of atmospheres. Wall lamps can be used to add extra illumination, whether you choose traditional sconces, picture lights or even contemporary glass uplighters. Operated by separate designer switches, they can be used independently of the main overhead light to create a subtler effect. Add a selection of small free-standing ornamental lamps on tables or dressers to give an eclectic feel or even a large floor lamp to create a dramatic focal point.

Individual Effects
For a truly eye-catching effect, what about introducing some colour? Use tinted bulbs, coloured glass shades or even the latest colour-changing LED lights to add additional interest. Alternatively, change the brightness of your illuminations according to the occasion. Sophisticated designer switches and dimmer controls allow for dynamic lighting that can be adjusted to suit your mood.

By adding different types of lighting to a space, you can create an array of effects and enjoy the interplay of light and shade across both your walls and ceilings. Using a variety of light sources brings an extra dimension of interest to your interior that is utterly charming.

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