Simple changes to freshen up your interior

Simple Changes to Freshen Up Your Interior

Despite our best efforts to make our homes look good, keeping them appearing fresh and attractive can feel like a never-ending task. All too often, no sooner have people completed one redecoration job than they spot two or three more that need doing. And once you update one room, it can leave the others looking tired and unloved. Here are a few simple tips to help you revamp your interior without having to completely redo a room.

Update Your Soft Furnishings
A new sofa, bed or dining table represents a substantial financial commitment, but for a much smaller outlay you can change the accessories in a room and give it a completely different look. A new pair of curtains and some matching bright scatter cushions can give a whole new lease of life to your living room. If old age has made your carpet look a little worn or dirty, lay a new rug over the top. Not only will this disguise your flooring's flaws, but will add an eye-catching focal point to the room.

Change Your Electrical Fittings
The lighting of a room is often an afterthought, but the difference that a new lamp makes can be quite astounding. Over time, fabric lampshades can become frayed and faded so replace these as necessary. If you have always chosen a traditional pendant, consider an ornamental chandelier-style light to give your room a new look. Add in smaller table lamps to bring a cosy feel to the interior. And don't neglect the basics - sockets and switches can become cracked and discoloured over time, so replace these with some elegant designer sockets for an easy and stylish touch.

De-Clutter Your Space
When you've lived with a room for a while, it's easy to become blind to the everyday mess that accumulates on surfaces and in corners. Try to look at your space with fresh eyes and see if there is any clutter that could be tidied away or even thrown out. Add a bookcase or shelving unit to ensure that everything has a place, choosing one with cupboards or drawers if you would rather not have your untidiness on display! By simply clearing out any unnecessary articles, you will find that your room will not only feel bigger but will recapture some of that just-decorated fresh feeling.

From updating your electrics with designer sockets to adding some flamboyant cushions and throws, there are a number of easy ways to revamp the look of your home without breaking the bank.

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