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Redring Showers

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Redring Showers

Redring Showers

Redring are leaders across the showering and hot water solutions sector, with a vast range to suit all homes, offices and hotels they will have a design that will it the bill.

Models such as slimline, advantage and expressions are available in Electric showers, Digital showers, Mixer and Power Showers, with a selection of white, glass and chrome finish.

Redring Electric Showers:

Passing water over a heated element allows the user to control a consistant temprature, it does not need a hot water supply as it runs water from the cold water mains supply. They come in 8.5Kw and 9.5Kw and range from family everyday showers to sleek looking designer showers to impress customers or visitors. We also supply a range that is used in care establishments for the elderly and are some of the most advanced thermostatic showers available.

Redring Power Showers

Where there is low water pressure power showers are an ideal solution using a pump to increase water flow, they are fine to be used with gravity fed water systems.


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