Extractor Fans

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Extractor Fans

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Extractor Fans

Extractor Fans and Ventilation

We stock a huge range of extractor fans, for ceiling, bathroom, shower including quiet inline, slimline or centrifugal extractor fans from Manrose, Xpelair and Vent-Axia. they are available with various shutters, colours and shapes, chrome, white, square round all with next day delivery available from Harbro Electrical.

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There are two types of extractor fan and we have a little bit of information to explain the different between the two.

Axial Fans

These are the biggest seller and are used in various products around the world as well as in the home. They are used in computers for cooling and even the automotive industry for engines.

An Axial box fan blows air along the axis of the fan, using the blades to force air to move parallel to where the blades rotate..

Centrifugal Fans

The centrifugal fan has what looks like a hamster wheel and a moving component called an impeller, they blow air at right angles to the intake, then spins the air outwards via the outlet.

Centrifugal fans are able to deliver more pressure than axial fans for a given volume of air, and generally quieter.

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